Safety Harbor Florida High Water Bill Leads to Slab Leak in Garage

A Safety Harbor Florida home owner had an issue with a high water bill. They could not see any water leaking on their property and ensured no toilets were running. After exhausting all of their resources, they decided to call I Find Leaks. The team at I Find Leaks utilizes technology in order to pinpoint water leaks no matter where they are located. In this particular case, the water leak was on a copper pipe located underneath the concrete slab of this home in Safety Harbor. As you can see in the video, we made a small hole in the concrete in order to expose the leaking water pipe so that it can be repaired by a licensed plumbing company. We are referred by hundreds of plumbing companies in the Tampa Bay area, so it’s not in our best interest to fix plumbing leaks. If you have an issue with a high water bill, water leak or are concerned about a black mold problem, give us a call.