Foundation Leak

Under Foundation Leak in Treasure Island Florida

The team at I Find Leaks was called out to Treasure Island by a panicked homeowner who experienced a very high water bill. The homeowner was a very handy gentleman who decided to try and locate the water leak himself. He found a spot outside on the east side of his Treasure Island home that seemed to be saturated with water. After turning off the water and digging down in the suspected area of the water leak, he found what he thought was the water leak. After excavating the area, he turned the city water back on and discovered water rushing out from under the foundation of his home. Leaking water can cause water damage, soil erosion along with the symptoms of a very high water bill. Upon finding the water rushing out from underneath the foundation of his home, he decided to call a leak detection company to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. We used our ultrasonic leak detection equipment and pinpointed the water leak in a block wall roughly 5 feet away from where the water was showing up under the foundation! The homeowner was very pleased and happy that he didn’t decide to try and excavate more of his foundation than he already had.

If you have symptoms such as a high water bill, the sound of running water, mold or mildew inside of your home, or you find water in your home and you are unsure of the source, give us a call. We are available and ready to help you find that hidden water leak as well as take care of any water damage or flooding that may have occurred to your home or business.

Foundation Leak
Water Leaking Under Foundation
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