Leaking Water Heater

Water Heater Explosion

Do you have a part time residence in Florida?  Do you have a check list of preventive measures to take when you leave the property and go back home for the summer?  I Find Leaks recommend one of the items on the list should be turning the water and electrical service off and draining the water heater prior to departure.  Many times we have been called to a part time residence to find while our customer had been away small leaks in the hot water heater had developed.  These leaks can be pinhole leaks in a supply line or leaks because the hot water heater tank itself had failed, usually because the bottom had rusted out. When the tanks on an average residential hot water heater fail they usually leak at a very slow rate and go unnoticed for long periods of time because the walls and flooring around the leak will absorb most of the water.   When water is allowed to sit and the property is not properly dried out or the area is not cleaned with an anti-microbial, extensive and expensive damages can occur ruining your return to the winter home you so love.  Please be diligent and take the time to develop a check list of preventive measures to take prior to leaving for extended periods of time, you’ll be glad you did and as they say, an ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure

So write our number down, post it on the refrigerator and if you should experience a leak give us a call.  The team at I find Leaks is waiting to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Leaking Water Heater
Infrared Image of Water Heater Leaking
Water Heater Causes Water Damage
Water Damage after Water Heater Leak