Sewage Restoration Clearwater

Sewage Clean Up In Clearwater

A condo complex in Clearwater, Florida had a sewage backup which led to sewage damage in their pool area club house. Something was put down the plumbing lines which caused a backup of the condo building. It so happened that this Clearwater Florida complex’s lowest point happen to be the pool bathrooms. This led to a large amount of sewage discharging from the toilets and running out of the bathrooms and onto the pool deck. Not only did we have to clean up this Clearwater sewage, we had to disinfect the entire bathroom area as well as the pool deck. Raw sewage contains many viruses and pathogens including Hepatitis. It’s very important to clean sewage back up problems properly in order to make sure it’s safe for humans and pets. As you can see in the pictures below, we have a very good sewage clean up team that can handle sewage clean up jobs no matter how big or small.

[box type=”info”] If you live in Tampa, Clearwater or the St. Petersburg area and have a problem with leaking sewage and are in need of sewage clean up services, all us any time. We are available to clean up sewage leaks 24 hours per day and seven days per week.[/box]


Sewage Restoration Clearwater
Sewage Restoration Clearwater


Raw Sewage Clearwater
Raw Sewage Clearwater Before Cleanup


Sewage Clearwater
Sewage Clearwater After Cleanup

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