Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared Leak Detection

Water leak detections can be very tricky and very frustrating without the right equipment. With our state of the art infrared water leak detection equipment we can easily locate water leaks at your home or office without causing any damage to your property. Infrared technology lets you view water leaks and water damage by “looking through walls” without the need for cutting holes in them. We utilize the latest Flir brand infrared cameras on the market today. These cameras help us to quickly identify the source of water leaks as well as the extent of water damage caused by leaking water.

Often times you will not be able to see what the leaking water in your home is damaging until extensive damage has occurred. With our infrared leak detection equipment we can locate the source of your water leak and view the extent of any water damage to your home in minutes. Once we start the water restoration process, we can even tell when the water damaged building materials are dry without probing or cutting holes in them. Most water restoration companies will damage your baseboards and drywall in order to check for water saturation levels. These techniques will cause you or your insurance company unnecessary interior remodeling charges.

With our infrared water leak detection equipment we can also take pictures and videos in order to compile a report for homeowners, business owners, property managers and insurance adjusters. This is invaluable information in order to correctly rectify and water leak or water damage situation.

The pictures below show a water leak on a water line in the wall behind a toilet. Notice how the non-infrared pictures looks perfectly normal. The infrared picture clearly shows the water damage in the wall behind the toilet as well as pinpointing the source of the leak. The symptom was water on the floor around the toilet that would quickly come back after it was mopped or wiped up.

If you live in Tampa, Clearwater or any other city in Pinellas and Hillsborough county, give us a call today if you suspect a water leak in your home.



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