High Water Bill Remediation in Seminole, FL

A homeowner in Seminole contacted us after receiving two very high water bills AND after having a new hot water heater installed. Turns out there was a slab leak on a hot water copper pipe under the concrete in the laundry room next to the water heater. If you receive a high water bill, call us! Usually, an abnormally high water bill is the sign of a hidden water leak.

Locating Leaks With ZERO Power | Irma Aftermatrh

Not even a natural disaster like Irma can stop I Find Leaks. Today we were out to a customer’s home where we located a water leak with zero power. There were even linemen working on the lines right behind the home. If you are suffering from a water leak and need help now, please call us. We will find you leaks come hurricane or shine!

Stop Digging To Find Water Leaks, There’s An Easier Way

A local mobile home park spent 5 days trying to dig to the source of a water leak. After spending hours and day trying to dig to the source of the leak, they found us and gave us a call. Within an hour, we were able to use our ultrasonic leak detection equipment to quickly and easily pinpoint exactly where the leak was originating from. Don’t kill your back, call us as soon as you see the signs of a water leak!

How To FInd a Water Leak Under Slab in Redington Beach Florida

We are able to use our ultrasonic leak detection equipment to locate leaks on plumbing pipes under slabs. We were able to minimize the damage to this pool deck by locating a leak on a plumbing line that feeds a foot wash station down by the beach. When locating leaks under a slab or driveway, it is important to use equipment that has ultrasonic capabilities. Without the ultrasonic leak detector, we would have had to excavate the slab and pavers along the plumbing line until the moisture was found. This would have cost the property owner thousands of dollars in unneeded expenses. Hire us if you think you may have a leak under your slab. We can locate it and save you money.

Sewer Gas Leak Found By I Find Leaks

This home owner called us in regards to a really bad sewer odor in her
kitchen. She was afraid she had a sewer gas leak and was in the process of
putting the home on the market. The house was built just two years ago and
she was very concerned something was incorrectly installed in her plumbing
system when the house was built. With our sewer odor testing smoke machine,
we were quickly able to detect exactly where the sewer gas leak was coming

Drain Water Leak in Stack | Call I Find Leaks: 866-606-LEAK | Clearwater, FL

Check out this little clip of a leak detection we performed in Clearwater. This leak occurs when the kitchen sink or dishwasher are run. The leak is located in a block wall behind the kitchen sink. If you are experiencing a leak of any kind and need immediate assistance locating the leak, call us 866-606-LEAK (5325) we can locate the leak and save you hundreds of dollars on your high water bills.

Water Leak Detection In Seffner Home

A high water bill led our customer right to our doorstep. We were dispatched to this Seffner home to perform an electronic water leak detection. Not only did we find the water leak, this happy customer saved hundreds on their water bill! Check out the video below showing the water leak detection process. If you need leak detection and live in Seffner, FL please call us 866-606-LEAK or visit us on the web.

Accurate Leak Detection Keeps THIS from happening!

We find leaks the first time the right way! A Palm Harbor condo complex called I Find Leaks out to a job to find a leak another company couldn’t find. The other company dug a trench looking for a leak in a condo bedroom. It turns out the leak was located in an adjacent condo and not the condo they were digging in. Call I Find Leaks first for leak detection services which will save you time and money!

Accurate Leak Detection Keeps THIS from happening!
Accurate Leak Detection Keeps THIS from happening!

MONSTER Water Leak Found In Clearwater Home

We have the specialized leak detection equipment needed to locate hidden water leaks. In this particular service call, we located a MONSTER leak in a Clearwater, FL home. We, of course found it and we now have a happy homeowner with repairs on the way!

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